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The Creep Show Film Festival

Privately owned and operated since 1982, The Creep Show Film Festival is beloved by many and has a yearly average attendance of over 35,000 screaming horror fans from around the country. Though we play mostly 80's flicks, Creep Show offers a wide range of horror, spanning from early thrillers like The Raven to more recent slashers like Final Destination. When you come to Creep Show, we can promise you won’t leave without a fright.

Our Organization

The Creep Show Film Festival offers a wide range of amenities, souvenirs, and film selection that makes us stand out against the others. We care for our guests and our communities, making it our mission to give back to you as much as you have given to us throughout our many years of business.

  • Static Ticket Pricing.
  • Open Seating.
  • Three to Four Films Per Night.
  • Wide Range of Concessions.
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After being accepted onto The Creep Show team, I have since realized that though I am The Invisible Man, I am not invisible to the world. When I am at the festival, people come to talk to me from all around, genuinely interested in my life. I have never felt such pleasure and acceptance as I do when working at the festival.

Since being released from my eternal rest, I have gained a new love for life. When The Creep Show talent recruiter, Jim, broke into my temple and unleashed an unbreakable curse upon himself, I found that all life is precious, including my own. So, I left my tomb and now attend The Creep Show Film Festival each year. R.I.P Jim.

Life is no longer anguish. Existence is no longer pain. Since I found The Creep Show, I have found my family, and I have found a mass of people that don't chase me with torches and pitchforks. It is good to see a group that not only accepts me for the monstrosity that I am but praises me for who I am and what I can do.